Thursday, December 10, 2015

Star Wars is right around the corner from its launch of the newest film The Force Awakens. Although giving away tickets would be awesome, we here at Tilted Sole have a pretty cool selection of your favorite characters. We have Chubacca fur boots that are quite the topic of any conversation when wearing them. Another conversation piece is the Death Star High heels, which showcase Darth Vader's head on one heel and his minion Storm Trooper's head on the other. A more casual style of the Star Wars collection is the "I Know" Green Floral Flat that feature Han Solo and Princess Leia digital prints and intricate floral embroidery to finish. I must say, these styles are flying fast so get them while they last.

To continue on the Star Wars topic, it literally seems to be everywhere. Whether it be on the radio, billboard signs, internet, or just chatting with friends, Star Wars is on everyone's mind. And Stance Socks have been killing the sock game of late and don't seem to be slowing down. They came out with this awesome sock collection featuring about a dozen styles of the Star Wars characters. Check them out by clicking here

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